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Welcome to Zodiac Chibi


Please help our hero Rai. 

He has lost his friend the Rat and needs your help navigating him through the many levels of adventure to find his lost companion. 

There are several Zodiac Chibi animals in there trying to stop him. Do not let them hit Rai. If they hit Rai 6 times, he has to start his search over, so steer clear of them.

Gather all 7 Zodiac symbols per level to move on to the next level.

Just scroll down and then click on the space bar to get started. Use the arrow keys to move Rai.

((disclaimer.. there are still a few known issues with game.. we are working on them)) 











We have updated the drawing examples in the Art Studio. Please check them out.

We would like your feedback. Please email us at info@zodiacchibi.com

Zodiac Chibi Multimedia is a small family owned business in Virginia that makes Zodiac Chibi based products that are family friendly.


Please free feel to play the free games. We will keep making more levels and keep the games free. 

We will be adding a third level soon.